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Why you are taking stress? Stress is not good for your health. You are lean as you take too much of stress we generally hear these statements but do we ever think about stress where it lies and from where it comes and occupy our mind, it is like uninvited and unwanted guest sometimes we become so frustrated, lose our peace, we blast out and become violent isn’t it?

 Actually stress is nothing it is a state of our mind when we regularly think about any topic or issue we generally starts to analyze that, about its good and bad effect on our life and we also predict what would happen like, if this or that will take place, what people will say how they will react, we starts living our life in future and unfortunately if the worst scenario we predicted comes true then faith on predictions become stronger, more and more we deeply think about that issue, lastly that issue become stress for us.

 It happens in everybody life we can say it is part and parcel of our life. When we expect something positive make strategies even take some steps accordingly and suddenly things went wrong then what will happen? Very true we become upset, for a positive expectation now we have to face a negative phase which is really unfair and unreasonable, we feel shattered and start blaming on others, our situation is like neither we can digest nor can we spit out.

 Is it fair just because of stress scare, we won’t enjoy our life’s small moments which fills us with positive energy, we won’t dream? I would answer never as a small positive energy spreads positive vibes in environment, that kills negativity where we can think positively, seeks for a better option before things go away from our hands, if we can put control on situation at some level then this positive energy will help to enlighten our humor and we can convert our worst to best,  as if one way has been blocked another ten options are waiting for us only we have to identify correct milestone for our success. Let’s fly with our dream with open eyes and actual potential.


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Once I was teaching my child about social behavior, suddenly a thought came in my mind are we original? You also asked this question many times like me, when you look at your image in mirror. Each and every one of us has two faces, one for society in which we are living and one for ourselves, who we are.

 My sister asked me a question, why kids look so innocent? I answered as they are original from soul, they never hide what they want to show, means they are very much expressive about emotions they do not care about what people might think. If they want to cry they cry, they are happy they laughs loudly, even if they are scared they never hide they will hug us tightly, that’s why they look so peaceful… happy, After giving her reply I asked myself can we do it.

 If we want to cry we don’t, as a person who cries is declared as weak personality in society, if we want to laugh loudly and openly we cannot as it is not considered as a good manners , if we scared we don’t want to show that, infect we always show we are strong and bold why? Exactly as we don’t want to give chance to people, to crack joke on us or laugh at us.

Nature blessed us with few but unique qualities, which make us original but Are we able to maintain those qualities? After leaving childhood, we grew up and left those qualities or manipulate them according our desire to fulfill our motive. sometimes we become politicians who do politics ‘divide and rule’ and become diplomatic to achieve our goal, sometimes we become good manipulator who manipulates all principals to make situation according own desire, to take lead over people. Our policy become ‘by hook or crook’ we become so self-centered that we start to cheat people and pull them away from the race of success to confirm our success. We ourselves create such scenario and put blame on others why? Very true, as we do not want to ruin our image, our position in society.

Why we are walking along with two faces? Only because we are possessive about society, never, actually we don’t want to come out from our pre-occupied self image of innocent personality, we don’t want to feel shame on ourselves that’s why we always try to justify ourselves, in that process we kill our conscience. In short we are afraid to face ourselves, we don’t have answer of our deeds do we?

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Happiness, everyone is seeking for happiness , One day when my hubby asked me when and where is happiness? I told him don’t think too much and be happy. I left this question unanswered, but I raised this puzzle to myself where happiness lies, in memories, in thoughts, in success, in expectations, in luxuries or in future which is mystery in itself and is it as easy to follow ‘don’t worry’ as I advised him?  

When somebody hurts us can we easily forget that? physical pain can be cured by taking medicines but there is no remedy to cure pain touched to our soul, it only fills our life with sorrow and complaints we feel ourselves shattered isn’t it ? When it happened to me someone gave me medicine of happiness she asked me… a person that hurts you is more important than your smile, your peace? she asked me about his importance and existence in my priorities, when I answered I don’t like that person at all than she told me then why you are worried about him and his comments ignore him don’t answer or entertain him. It was difficult for me but I follow and now I am happy. as after that, I become neutral for him I have no feelings good or bad for him.

Sometimes when we have nothing then also we feel ourselves happy but sometimes we have everything we expected with us, to enjoy but we are not happy why? We are running behind success in that race we earn name, money, prosperity but we are losing happiness, soul satisfaction, remember a day when your heart start dancing without any music only on rhythm of your heart beat we will fail to find that .

 Actually happiness owes happiness, small moments of happiness are scattered around us but we are refusing to accept those, because of our desire to get more and more, for bigger we use to lose that small once, But when we get that bigger one for which we were waiting for long we cannot enjoy that also, as only we know what compromises and adjustments we made to earn that moment.

 More time we spend in future planning rather than enjoying present perception behind that is future planning is necessary for leading beautiful and peaceful life but people who have such great thought can answer me only one question do they know what will happen tomorrow or in coming minute?  No one can predict future then why we all take stress for that, Why don’t we live our present moment like it is last moment of our life to enjoy. Some people gave me comment oh! You are still a kid when you will get older? I replied, I am old by physic but still want to be kid by soul I don’t want to leave my childhood because I want to do fun I want to express my true feelings without being possessive about people living around me I don’t want to be idol for anyone but I want to admire beautiful gift given by god, “my life”. It seems I am little bit selfish here but  if I can’t satisfy my soul, I can’t admire my life, how can I satisfy others, if I am not happy then how can I make others happy.  

Life is like sand nobody can collect that in hand, each and every day it is going to be lesser. One day strong wind will come and take life along with, it’s better to complete the picture with happy “The End” where not only mind and body lives peacefully but soul get competent with a belief, god always gives us according to our potential he send us in full package of completeness to fulfill an aim given by him, which we have to complete in our life time.  

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Marriage, it’s very difficult to define word marriage its truly said, ‘marriage is a laddu, a person who eats regrets, who does not also regrets.’ Sometime marriage becomes commitment, sometime love, sometime lust and sometime even disaster. Marriage takes lots of time to grow. Initial years of marriage play most important role in its growth. In these years if two people love, respect and trust each other then whole life they spend peacefully and happily otherwise home become war place and marriage become war.

 Marriage is like a plant it needs rays of trust, water of love, manure of understanding and protection of care and respect. In initial years misunderstanding between couples are common as after engagement they spend their life in air castles they are ready to do anything for each other even they swerve to die for each other. They like each other’s attitude; they never try to find out any faults in each other .life is like heaven. But when they got married situation takes U turn, as now family is also included in their love life. A third party, this can play supportive role or a reason of conflict.

 One partner left her home, her maiden family and come to your home with lots of dreams in her eyes she is new to your home, except husband, everyone is stranger for her. at this time husband role is like bridge between his partner and family if he could make balance between them  then family life runs smoothly  but if husband hides anything related to his family , which effects her life , after sometime when she comes  to know about that then trust and respect for her husband shakes same situation lies with family if husband hides her wife’s  habits  and necessary  things which play important role in her life from family then sometimes unknowingly  they hurt her , and misunderstanding between them take place.

 In this relation it is important that husband behavior should be neutral for both sides of bridge as one small misunderstanding can be a big issue for future and as time passes it is difficult not only to handle but to solve that, both sides’ starts finding faults in each and every matter they never ready to walk together, because of this stress marriage starts ruining. They both start hurting each other. Understanding between them is now zero as husband is not ready to accept his mistake in matter arisen, and wife she is not ready to forgive him and his family for repeated mistakes. If husband walk honestly on this runway then he can handle it easily, he should give equal respect to both sides, he should keep them on same platform  to judge the situation genuinely.

Second reason when married life become hell is one partners hide something from other in their personal life it give wrong intention to other partner suspect take place of love which make their relation hollow.  Doesn’t matter reason behind hiding but he if they trust they should openly share everything weather that is good or bad. They should stand beside each other in each and every situation not in front of each other. one should not scared from situation or reaction of other side, may be scenario looks bed for sometime but result will be definitely good . Trust make their relation more stronger than before.

Third reason behind conflict is their nature, way of thinking, everyone is unique and it is not possible to have similar nature, better half means if one is having  one quality and other don’t then they should balance that by fulfill each other’s place like if one is introvert personality and other is extrovert then extrovert personality should fulfill the place of introvert, Without expecting introvert to change according his or her wishes. One should respect what other is having.  Don’t force to change as force will give birth to rebel. they should not interfere in way of living life as it depends on upbringing except some issue which can harm not only oneself but other partner also like health ,hygiene.

Fourth obstacle which is very common everyone wants space to grow and think this space is necessary to run each and every relation. As for that understanding between two is important they should give and respect each other privacy.

Small choices automatically changes accordingly when love exist in relation. They like to give surprises gifts, which is a way to shower love on darling partner, even they can spend quality time together by going on holidays at place they like. If they color themselves with love and care for each other they will never get bore from marriage, after years their marriage will never get old.

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