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Assessment of Maturity






Maturity, this word also  forced  you to think like me, when someone comment you that you are immature, or you are immature to handle this work or don’t interfere between us as  you  are immature. Basically human being can’t be immature his behavior can sometime make feel others that he is immature.

when it comes to me I think a lot what is maturity where it comes from, mother’s tummy, genes, by reading books, pretending to be sincere or from our surrounding, but I cannot able to find answer. If I want I can learn many things from 5-year-old baby means, is it possible for 5 year baby to be mature? I asked this puzzle to so many people to solve; one of them told me maturity is a behavior state in which you reacts correctly at correct place and time. Now again new question arises who will decide about this!!  A person who is declared immature, definitely not, then person with whom he behaved!!  in his view, he can never tagged him mature, as his views perception is different from that immature person, or people standing outside of that matter and giving valuable expert comments or we can say judging both of them. If it happens then some of them having same thoughts same reactions go with tagged immature person and judge him and his behavior correct and some will go with other party. So again confusion remains same between mature and immature personality.

Actually nobody is wrong in their judgment perception given is based on upbringing, surrounding with whom company person is spending his time, everyone has different principles, morals to lead their life, some give importance to voice of  their soul and some outer pomp and show, so their views and reaction on same subject will definitely be different and conflict arises. Some cannot compromises with the principals they are living, for them self-respect is their life, when issue arises they become violent  and for  others that is not a big issue they want to show themselves innocent in their surrounding and for that they can compromise at every issue, their  reaction index will surely be low .

 Nobody can challenge others maturity it all depends on how that matter is related to their life how it make difference to their life and how it will affect their personality.  








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Inspiration Of Nature

‘Nature is art created by God’.

When I look at these pictures, I said wow! What a natural beauty!! , nature and human both are distinct features created by god. Nature set an example of an inspiration and mentor. In morning when sun rises in sky with golden bright rays to give me wake up call, I also welcome that with open arms, sun is source of energy it gives me strength to work for whole day with joy and happiness.

 Every day comes with its own color sometimes bright sometimes blue we must enjoy bright phases too, gather positive approach, although difficult but must fight with blues from inner strength, just like day and night follow each other, good & bad follows. In evening sometimes when I feel low I use to sit near window with cup of tea and look at surroundings which inspires me a lot, like trees and birds chirping around them, how tree stands on it roots even when strong wind shatter its branches, with a great learning to stand on our morals and principles even at the time we feel ourselves shattered or broken heart, and those birds sitting on branch of a tree inspires me to fly without stress in the sky to reach at destination, new heights which I explore myself. When cool breeze touches my face it gives me a fresh and gentle feeling, Blossoms send me message of pleasure. Orange sunset announces the coming night, Night comes with calm beauty,  it tells me to spend some time with my Family , relax and have sound sleep which I desire for peace of mind and body.

 ‘ Every season has its own beauty’

 As days passed away new climate welcome me to enjoy its beauty, to experience, changes are necessary in life to enjoy life’s twist and turns, nothing remain same.  Nature is such a great mentor but unfortunately we are taking it for granted , nature is  like our mother  who gives shelter , food , cloths even air we breathe everything to survive . We can experience its depth and magic with silence to satisfy urge of soul so that we can live in great harmony with it.


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